A Cracked Windshield Is Like a Ticking Time Bomb

A Cracked Windshield Is Like a Ticking Time Bomb

Replace it before it shatters on the road

When you’re driving, safety should be your number one concern. If you have a chip or crack in your windshield, it’s impossible to drive safely. The crack could easily get bigger, or a branch could fall and completely shatter your windshield at any moment. That’s why you need a team of auto experts to fix up any windshield issues before they get worse.

The mechanics at D&R Paintless Dent Repair will replace your windshield or fill in chips in the glass for a reasonable price. Call 507-334-8911 to speak with a mechanic about your car.

3 signs you need to replace your windshield

Oftentimes, people try to drive with a dangerously cracked windshield. Here are three telltale signs that your windshield crack needs more than a simple fill-in:

1. The crack or chip in your windshield is right in your line of sight.
2. The crack in your windshield seems to spread further every time you get in your car.
3. Your windshield has completely shattered.

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, take your car to D&R Paintless Dent Repair ASAP for a replacement. Don’t worry – most car insurance companies will cover the cost for you.